The Nightgown Project – Part 6 – Lace Trim Selection

Hi Everyone Again,

DSCF2656 I’m now at the point in this project where I need to make a decision for the lace trim that will be sewn along the armscye.  I stopped at Hobby Lobby yesterday just to see if they had anything and wouldn’t you know it they did!

DSCF2670 This is actually a stretch lace that I cut in half.DSCF2658 The lace uncut above and cut in half below…DSCF2659 I first pinned the lace in place and stitched along the stay stitching line.  Oh, but before I forget, I did remove the waxed paper, didn’t want to sew that in!  DSCF2672 Then I carefully cut off the excess lace from both the trim and the yoke and then ran a zig zag stitch for one more pass to lock everything in place.

Mom mentioned if I was concerned about the lace holding up on its own to support the rest of the garment.  That is a good question and to be quite honest I have had the same reservation  too but think it should be okay.  This is after all a sample.  In another version I could always add a backing to this section to give more support.  It is something to think about.  On that same note I have thought about adding a lace overlay to the band section that will be coming up next…

It is coming together!

~Stay tuned!



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