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The Gifted Box of Mysterious Sewing Items

   DSCF1878  Every once in a while something like this finds me.  About a month or so ago Jim asked me if I wanted some boxes of sewing items that were looking for a new home, or soon to be thrown out, that were from a woman who had recently passed away.DSCF1880  All told, four boxes showed up.  I spent a good portion of the month sorting through the fabrics, what nots and notions.DSCF1882   I love looking at all the old things and wondering just what some of these things are…like this yellow tool.  I really haven’t the slightest idea what it would be used for.

There was a dental pick among all of these things so perhaps it has something to do with teeth?


Then there was all the piping and lace trims, packages and packages.  Certainly there was a time when we sewed with these.DSCF1886 

And lots of buttons, needles, snaps and fasteners.  I just love looking at these old packages.  The products have not changed at all, just the prices.  Some of these say .29cents!

DSCF1888  And then there’s the thread.  Lots and lots of thread!  Wooden spools, plastic spools, 10 cent spools, just lots and lots of thread.DSCF1890     And fabric…

DSCF1895   And stitchery kits…

DSCF1898  And knitting projects…

DSCF1900    And latch hook  kits…


I salvaged what I wanted and the rest went off to the Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army here in town has a sewing and craft section and I know these will go to a good cause.  What about you, have you ever been gifted the mysterious box of sewing items?

And what about your sewing items today.  Do you ever think what is going to happen to them once you are gone?

Some things to think about I guess…


6 thoughts on “The Gifted Box of Mysterious Sewing Items”

    1. Hi Mae!
      That post you did was really sweet! You certainly are in line to receive A LOT however I guess I am at fault once because about 15 years ago I did a clean out of patterns my mom had from when I was growing up. I think I tossed out 100 patterns or so. I had no idea how much people would have wanted them! Oh well.

      Thank you for sharing!


  1. That yellow thing MAY be for burnishing letters off of the papers they came on, I know in art school we would have to buy sheets of letters that we would transfer to paper by rubbing them off- the brand was ChartPak, but maybe Speed-o- Print was another brand?
    Your boxes are like a forward deja vu- that is what my kids will be faced with as besides my stuff, I have both grandmother’s and some great grandmother stuff still around.


    1. Oh! I didn’t even think of a burnishing tool! You very might be right. Thank you Judith! BTW, I just love your paintings!


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