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The 16 Patch Double Pinwheel Project – Auditioning an Inner Border

Hi Everyone!

My 16 Patch Double Pinwheel Quilt has been pulled out of hiding and put back on the project table.  I thnk it has been many a long while since I’ve sat and worked on this.  You know, sometimes things just need to ferment, you know?

Just to catch you all up on the history of this project, it first began as a Double Pinwheel quilt in 1994 as my very first attempt at rotary cutting.  I thought all I needed to do was cut the triangles out according to the instructions and sew the pieces together.  Easy right?  Little did I know that all the bias edges would turn against me and create a mess.

Here is what it looked like…

And today!  I have this up on the wall auditioning some blue inner border fabrics.  I stopped off at a quilt shop yesterday thinking I needed to get a dark blue for the inner border (upper left strip) but am now thinking that looks too stark of a contrast.  All 4 of those blues pictured I have enough to make the inner border.

DSCF3373 DSCF3374

DSCF3379  DSCF3377

Oh!  But before I forget, I did have some inspiration for the border.  I’m going to attempt my first ever APPLIQUE border!!!  I am just inspired by all these blues and feel like there needs to be a Blue Bird, a Vine, and some Blue Bells in with all of those spinning pinwheels!

I know what you all are thinking.  I know you are all going to tell me to just finish this thing already!  Well, truth be told, I’m actually liking having a quilt to learn with.  This one has definitely been a learning experience for me and I don’t plan on making the applique tooooooo difficult.  Big pieces, single color, easy.

This will be fun to do  and hopefully will set me up for a winter finish.

If anyone has a thought on which blue is working for you I’d love to hear it!

Happy Sewing…


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