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I los sum teef! — Jamba at 5 Months

Hi Everyone!

I guess I have been slacking in my posts about our Canine Companions Dog Jamba! Yikes!  How quickly these dogs grow up!

Jamba is 5 months old today and has been losing his baby teeth rapidly.  He has two more big ones to go (the upper canines) and then this phase of his development will be over.

Fortunately for us our Jamba has gone through this phase without the need to chew up our house!  He has every single one of Einstein’s old toys and he makes great use of them.

With our first CCI dog, Einstein, I was not prepared for this phase at all!  I had no idea that losing teeth would trigger the impending destruction that it did.  I am soooo thankful that I am better prepared this time around and that I have all those chew toys for Jamba!

Here is Jamba (above) on our trip to Madison, WI a few weeks ago.  He looks so cute in his Big Boy vest!  During that trip we also ran into a few members from a HONK band……and they sang Happy Birthday to me…er…to us.

Jamba is a sweetheart and has learned so much!Here we are (above) with Snoopy at Dogfest!



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  2. Well, it looks like my “comment” did go through, but I had to sign in with a name and e-mail??? which I was rejecting earlier. The email is different than the one you send to Dad and me… its my facebook one. But if it works, fine.
    Jamba is so “BIG”. I didn’t know dogs grew up so fast!
    (Do you keep calling him Einstein?)


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