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Two More Surprises Today!

The first one I noticed as soon as I could see my driveway!  A New tree was planted to replace our Ash tree that was cut down during the deforestation emerald ash borer maintenance program last fall.  You can see the stump.  But what a sweet beauty the village replaced it with…DSCF4262 I can’t wait to find out what specie of tree it is!  Oh!  There’s a note at the mailbox…DSCF4258 Looking closer…DSCF4259 A Red Maple!  Awesome!!!!  And reading on about how great our Forestry Division is, they actually do a great job here in our town, further into this love note for the tree.  PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME BECAUSE WE HAVE REALLY WORKED HARD TO MAKE SURE YOUR TREE WILL BE BEAUTIFUL. Gulp.  Don’t they know it’s taken us 5 years to get 12 cherries?  Don’t they know who they are dealing with?  Alright, alright already, we’ll take care of this new baby!  Geez. Oh!  But guess what else came today? Two area rugs I bought from Home Decorators…DSCF4238 Really?  I’m already at the Area Rug stage of decorating? I know, it was an itch I had to scratch.  I needed to work on my muse thing and the thought was to find an area rug as an inspiration.  I know I’m doing this all wrong but oh what the heck… At least I was trying when I went into the store.  I actually had paint samples of colors from the barn painting…DSCF4075 I’ve been Houzz-ing like a crazy woman and have come to an understanding that I think our ‘style’ is somewhat rusticy, cottagy, whimsy-y, post modern apocalyptic mid century eclectic-y …whatever… Anyway…I rolled out the smaller, more manageable one and then threw in those fabric samples I’d bought…DSCF4247 Oh man.  I love the rug but I’m not sure about that Waverly Peacock print now.  I’ve moved so far away from the Miss Mustard Seed room I loved (which possessed me to purchase this fabric) and that chartreuse fabric might be too much with this rug.  Or maybe the rug is just too dull.  I duuuunnnnnooooooo??? What do you think.  If the chair and sofa’s are slipcovered in off-white/cream, the walls get painted some kind of green (still yet to be determined) and the curtains can bring me some blue this has potential. But now what about the floor?  Crap, heck most of it looks like it’s going to be covered up!  Now I’m wondering if a Rustic Maple may be the way to go?  Here’s a photo from Houzz.com

From another angle…with a bunch of my paint samples laid out…my Barn muse (that just cracks me up…a Barn muse) and the pottery barn (no relation) sofa sleeper that we’ll keep for now…but slipcover in white/cream like the chair.  DSCF4266

I’m interested in what you all think.  Jim wants to start painting so I’m now on a push to pick a paint color!  That will be my next post…paint doesn’t scare me…that’s the least of my worries (and expense fortunately!).

So is the rug a yay or nay?


3 thoughts on “Two More Surprises Today!”

  1. WOW that rug makes a huge statement! But it is gorgeous. I would boot the chartreuse. In my eyes it clashes. I do not think I would paint the walls a green either because I see blue, brown and red with a beige (or cream?) base. I like your idea of the cream sofa cover because every one of those colors in the rug can be used to add punch to the room with pillows and other accessories. If you get tired of one color there are several more to choose from.
    If you go with the maple floor how about painting the walls one of the deeper shades of brown in the wood. It makes a great backdrop for wall décor. And I think it would make the floor look even better. It also seems to go with the carpet. I can really see the rug on that floor!


  2. Tough choice. The rug is beautiful. Live with it a few days and allow your inner muse to work through the process before you apply any paint to the walls. I’m seeing blue on the walls…I know I know, blue walls are very safe and kind of pedestrian, but I agree with Mom. Imagine it with that orange red in your accessories. Then again, your fabrics are blue. I don’t know. Go with your gut. If you don’t like the paint color it is an easy fix, and far less expensive than some other changes.


    1. Well you are soooo right about the blue though. It speaks blue on the walls to me to. We actually have a blue on the walls now but it is a light colonial blue we painted around 1998 so we are ready for a different color. We thinks we are going to paint it green and see what happens. I do like the thought of a neutral tan/brown too. Paint is easy, you are so right….it’s that darn floor that is taking the longest!


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