Bird Watching

Signs of Spring: Birds!

It was 25 degrees this morning when I took the dogs for a walk and I kept telling myself Spring is here, Spring is here!!!! Even if it sure didn’t feel like it!

I can’t wait to not have to bundle up in order to go outside!

Sure enough though, the birds have arrived and were making quite a racket at the feeders when I came home.  I took these pictures out the window…

First was the Cardinal (although these stay around all year)…

DSCF8192 DSCF8191

Then the House Finch showed up…DSCF8216

With his Girlfriend!DSCF8217DSCF8204

And then the black birds swooped in for some action, that’s a Grackle and a Starling I think…DSCF8194

Isn’t he just evil looking?DSCF8195

a brown sparrow and another black bird, the Red Wing Black bird…but very uncommon for them to come to a feeder so lucky me…DSCF8240

He hung out mostly in the tree…


And lastly …no comment!DSCF8228

Go find your own nuts!  I watched this squirrel come down the tree, then down the hanging rod and launch himself mid-air over the squirrel guard (note to manufacturer — they’ve figured it out!) with all four legs stretched out.  His back right leg caught the lip of the dish and that was that, he’s in like Flynn!!!

I saw a woodpecker fly by so hopefully he’s next on the snapshot tour!