3 Dog Nights, Quilt Retreat and a Bad Case of the Sniffles


Hi Friends,

It is good to be back among the living again.  This Spring weather threw me a doozy this week with a pretty bad chest cold and I’m just now feeling better, though still stuck with a lingering cough and phlegm issue which will hopefully be done in  a  few more days.

So back to what’s been happening around here!

We were in charge of Bella (center stage in the photo above) for a few days while friends of ours went out of town and boy was she just a little ball of energy!  Look at her!  Ready to go while poor Jamba is practically exhausted!  I think Jim had it the hardest because while Bella was here I ventured off to my long awaited first ever Quilt Retreat!!!DSCF4314

This is me after three days of power sewing and trying to stave off a nasty cold that was building.  I’m looking rather exhausted and pretty much after I’d pack up and was heading home it finally kicked in full force!

So that is why I’m backtracking my post here.  The retreat was wonderful.  I really enjoyed it and made lots of new quilting friends.DSCF4286I packed up the car with way too much stuff but as this was my first time I didn’t want to be without ANYTHING once I got there!DSCF4287

A funny thing right before I left, I was getting into the car to pull out of the driveway when I decided to do just ONE more walk through of the house to make sure I didn’t forget anything.  Would you believe I ALMOST left my clothing suitcase!!!  Pretty funny.  So excited about the quilting I nearly left without clothes!  LOL!

The retreat was at a Baptist Church Retreat center in Green Lake, Wisconsin.  They host hundreds of different retreats all year and from what I understand this was their first quilt retreat.  This was a beautiful place and we were there at a time that was not busy…still winter up there in the north woods!DSCF4293 DSCF4292 DSCF4291 DSCF4290 DSCF4294

So they were glad to have us!  The facilities were pretty awesome I must say.  All meals included too…which made it so easy!  Below are a few pictures of the dining hall…

DSCF4310 DSCF4308 DSCF4311

Fairly empty as you can see but plenty of room to accommodate a huge crowd!

Our room was roomy roomy! Though I was sorta tucked back in the corner with the garbage cans (see photo at top)…DSCF4300

I didn’t mind though because it allowed me to set up a card table and work on some free motion quilting and really take over a back corner!

The One Block Wonder class was being conducted in the front of the room and we all got to see the students progress through their project.  What a neat thing to see!

Below are the samples on display…


And the professionals working out a layout…


One student finished on Sunday, pretty cool!  Can you tell I’m really in love with this?


I signed up for this class in June!  Can’t wait to make one of these!

Anyhoo!  Just thought I’d drop a line in on the blog to let you all know what’s been going on.  I’m going to go suck down another 2 tablespoons of medicine, get a bite to eat and try to figure out what color we are going to paint the living room.  Jim has this on his agenda to get this room painted this weekend…sooooooo

I need to go think about that.  Cough, cough…

Be back soon!