Home Improvement – Wall Color Reveal!

Hi Friends, Family, Followers!

We’ve been busy putting the wall color up on the walls now!  Just to give you a refresher, we chose Benjamin Moore “Dill Weed” as our color and I had it formulated using the Ben series eggshell interior paint and primer.  This runs about $38 a gallon which isn’t the cheapest paint but is certainly NOT the most expensive series (that would be about $80 a gallon for the Aura series).


I bought 2 gallons which should be just about right for this size of room.  I’ve never used Benjamin Moore paint before so this will be a good chance to put my two cents in on a review.  Our local Ace Hardware carries Benjamin Moore, something they started a few years ago when the Benjamin Moore store closed down.  I do like to frequent our local Ace.  I like the friendly, low key feel to our little store (not to mention I don’t have to walk half a mile to get to the paint department!).


So here is the reveal…DSCF4439

Oooooh!  It’s GREEN!!!  The color in the can is a little lighter than it will be once dry.  Chloe showed up to get her paws in on the process…DSCF4444

She likes to climb ladders and will climb any ladder that you bring out, remind me to show you all the video sometime of her helping Jim put up the Christmas lights…just remind me ’cause I’ll forget to do it, it’s so cute…

Anyway…here’s how the walls are shaping up, these photos were taken in morning light…

DSCF4448 DSCF4450 DSCF4451 DSCF4447

We have to wait for the corner repair in the dining room to dry before we can finish so just a couple more days to go…then it’s the dreaded FLOOR decision!

Happy Painting!