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Weight Loss Journey Quilt Project – Block #9– A Corner Turned, 15 Pounds!

DSCF4532Today was weigh in day, as it is every Saturday, and I had a big surprise this morning!  I’d lost 1.5 pounds for the week for a total of 15.2 pounds total since I began this journey!  You do not know how excited I was, I thought for sure they were lying!

You see, I’ve been only taking off .2 here, .4 there, just slowly, ever so slowly was this weight coming off.  Two weeks I even gained back a .2.  I was okay as long as I was still losing but today I so thought it was going to be just another .2 or .4. and then my intake attendant said congratulations!

Whoo Hoo!!! Happy Dance, Happy Dance!

I’ve been waiting 5 or 6 weeks to post this 15 pound milestone block!  Here it is…

Block Name: 4 Corners (Traditional Name), “A Corner Turned!” (My Adopted Name to this block) to signify that 15 pound milestone, heading on to the big 10% goal just a few more pounds away…
Finished Size: 6″
Difficulty Rating: Medium
Number of Pieces: 37
Method of Construction: Traditional, on point.
Weight Loss Progress: -15.2

Pattern to follow…

I need to go now and re-energize myself for the next few weeks.  I’d love to have another big drop again!


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6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey Quilt Project – Block #9– A Corner Turned, 15 Pounds!”

  1. Congratulations! Do you think you should, maybe, paint the living room every week?!!! Anyway, I am proud of your progress and the block is very nice.
    Love, MOM


  2. Congratulations! It’s wonderful that the weight is coming off for you. As encouragement, when weight comes off slowly, it tends to stay off so hurray! Your blocks to mark your milestones are so wonderful and what a great way to remember your struggle and the joy you’ll feel at the end.


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