CCI Puppy Raising, Jamba II

Happy Birthday Jamba!

Sunday was Jamba’s 1st Birthday!  It’s hard to believe that he is already a year old!


I think it is at this point forward that these pups really start to come into their own.  They calm down a lot and really look forward to working.  This is somewhat true with our Jamba.

It just so happened that area puppy raisers had a pool outing on Sunday, his birthday, and since Jamba has never been swimming this was going to be an event we weren’t going to miss!DSCF4917 DSCF4915

For his first time in the water, not that he needed it, but in order to grab him and direct him we put the life vest on.  He splashed around a little unsure of what this whole water thing was all about.  But instinct took over and before we knew it he was chasing after toys in the water.  A natural.DSCF4951

Sparky was there (she’s a much better swimmer than Jamba) and she gave Jamba a super sweet birthday gift (treats and a ball).

Jamba has also been helpful around the yard, helping to put the flowers in…DSCF4852

Although he mostly just likes to watch.  Or worm his way in for a belly rub…DSCF4856

Or a mug…DSCF4854

There’s always someone around who’s never impressed…DSCF4865

Chloe is always a little ‘put out’ when the dogs decide to take over the yard!

Happy Birthday Jamba!  May you have many more…