More Snow, Just Epic!

Epic. That’s what this winter has been, simply Epic.

Last night was another 7 inches for us.  Yesterday Jim and I drove up to Camping World to look at  some solar items and to browse the gadgets for the trailer.  We are so waiting for that first Spring thaw to get that trailer out!



We stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond, looked at a Soda Stream machine and bought a new cookie pan.  Then walked outside to the snow really piling up…DSCF7532

This next photo was last week, you can see how much snow is on the ground already…so add 7 more inches to the pile.


I was looking at previous years’ posts for March as well as digging through some of my pictures and it looks like we can expect this snow to hang around until the 1st of April if history is any indicator.

We are expecting to be above freezing this week.

Can’t wait!