Off the beaten trail

Ever have one of those days? Severing my 7 pin towing cable! But having a great trip!

I actually forgot to take a picture of what it looked like when I pulled into the campground.  Here is a photo after Roadside Assistance came and cut off the 7 pin connector that was just hanging on by the black rubber…


Somehow I managed to pinch the cable in between the tow hitch and the trailer.  Snap!

Thankfully I was able to use my Good Sam roadside assistance card and a crew was at my campsite within an hour working on the repair.

I know that’s a crappy photo and not at all focused on the cable but I know you’ll be able to see what it is that I did.  This was my first solo towing trip for a Girls Campout and it was a real education.

Now that I’m back home safe and sound, problems fixed…thank you Jim for meeting me at Carquest (also needed a new fuse) and bringing me replacement clips (lost those too) and thanks to Master Truck and Trailer for checking my 7 pin connection and teaching me how to re-set my brake controller.    And thank you Mary for finding 5th wheel guy in the v8 diesel to come and check over a few things!  I feel like my crises has given me a new found appreciation for people that are willing to help.

Sniff sniff…

So has this deterred me from doing this again?  No.  I’ve just been educated and now (although that was rather painful) what to look for and not make the same mistakes.



Talk later you all!