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On The Home Improvement Front – We Have a Floor!

We have been (mostly Jim…I just help lay out the boards and cut an end every now and then) working hard to get the floor finished in the family room. DSCF9294-001

This room took 3 days to complete.  First, Jim had to work the transition from the Kitchen into the room.  There were a lot of small cuts.DSCF9298-001

Then once we were in a straight away it went relatively quickly…DSCF9303-001

…one board after another…DSCF9300-001

…until…TA DAH!


Birds are singing and the heavens have opened up!  Laaaaaaaa!


Jim spent Monday finishing the last row by hand and last night we went to Home Depot to pick out the trim for the walls.

Happy Home Improvement Everyone!


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