Taking Product Photos

Hi Friends, Followers and Family!

I’m not quite ready to make the big announcement yet, but if you’ve noticed my postings have been very infrequent there’s been a reason.  I have been secretly hiding from you my adventure of starting a new business!

When the timing is right and all the legal paperwork finally comes in I’ll be ready to make the arrangements for the Grand Opening affair and tell you all about it but for now I’ve been working on the back end, product photography and inventory!

Some out-takes from a recent session…first these lovely fat quarters in earth tones perfect for our changing season…DSCF9402

…and this collection of browns and tans, more fall inspiration…DSCF9491

Oh!  Did I inadvertently give it away?

Stay tuned everyone!  This is an amazing adventure!

Happy Quilting, Happy Sewing!