Dealing with the unexpected

Hold On Kitchen! You’re next on the DIY list!

Our refrigerator heard us talking about replacing it.  I KNOW it heard us.  I mean, after all we were talking about it right in front of it.

Last night we noticed everything in the refrigerator was warm.



I spent the morning cleaning everything out and dumping everything.  Our town recycles so I had to clean all the recyclables…


Jim took off for the motor repair shop this morning for a new part and I went to an Estate Sale!

Does this happen to you too?  We really need this fridge to last a bit longer.  We are NOT ready with everything for our new kitchen plus I was actually hoping to use this fridge, even though it is 10 years old, it still looks great and we can’t find anything comparable on the market for a decent price.

Gosh.  I really think these things know when you’re talking about them!