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Home Improvement – Support Beam Bummer!

Hi Friends,

Today we opened up the soffit in our kitchen.

But before we get to THOSE photos, here are a couple of BEFORE shots.

West Wall…


North Wall…DSCF1637

South and East Walls… DSCF1651

…and here’s the soffit opened up…DSCF1655

I’m not sure if you can tell, but where Jim is, the soffit is actually a support beam!  Yikes!  Guess that is not going to come out (but glad we looked and opened it up).  However, the soffit on the North wall is open and clear and could be removed, so that does give us an option to have some taller cabinets!  Whoot!

That’s all for now.

Slowly but surely we keep moving forward.  Now that I have the answer to the soffit question I can finalize our cabinet order…so exciting!

More to come!




2 thoughts on “Home Improvement – Support Beam Bummer!”

  1. On your west wall you have an open space between cabinets for the waste can. My daughter had a kitchen designer when she built her house, and one thing that was incorporated in was a “waste cabinet”. It holds the garbage container and the recycle container; both inside a cabinet but out of site. I don’t think I would like the location in her kitchen,across the kitchen at the end of her breakfast bar. Yours look much more convenient to the right of the sink. I have a 1975 trash compactor next to my sink and would replace it in an instant for a “waste cabinet” if I was redoing the kitchen.

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    1. Our preliminary plan is to move the dishwater to the right of the sink and put a waste bin to the left of the sink. The sink I picked out needs a bigger cabinet so we are still in the design phase! When we moved in we had a trash compactor (must have been a 70’s thing!) but it did not work so we ‘recycled it’ ha ha ha!

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