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A Place For My Books!

I’m going to face it.  I have too many books!

Hi Friends!

I know it’s been a week or so since I’ve last posted, I have been busily trying to EMPTY our garage (currently our storage area while we have been under construction) so we’ll have room for the kitchen remodel.

Boxes and boxes came out of the garage and into the living room…DSCF1659

I really tried to do the Peter Walsh method.  Figure out how much shelf space you HAVE and then only keep that much.

Well.  Peter has good intentions but what if you got rid of 3/4 of your shelves when you remodeled the living and family rooms?  Yikes!  I totally forgot I did that!

Enter new shelf solutions!


I put together this World Market 2 shelf bookcase…oops…no photo of the after (I’ll need to get that)…and then emptied these Billy Bookcases and made room for most of my cookbooks.  I just love cook books.  This isn’t even all of them…


I’m seriously going to have to get rid of MORE (already culled 6 boxes already of books and donated them to the library book sale!).

My next plan was to make a book shelf for the guest bedroom, here’s my inspiration from IKEA…20150426_162341 20150426_162354

It doesn’t look like much in those photos but I totally thought it looked cool in the store…hence the snapping of those photos.  A week of pondering I decided to make my own version…DSCF1665

I could have written a How NOT To put up a Shelf Tutorial with this project because left to my own devices (I did this while Jim was out of town…1st mistake) I made a lot of mistakes.  What should have taken just a day or two took me a WEEK!!!  But it’s done and you can hardly see my mistakes!DSCF1666    Our guest bedroom is a work in progress (as is most of the house)…those lamps are make do pieces so please don’t go all pinterest on us…I mean seriously, we get it.  But hey!  I put up a bookshelf…painted that thing myself (Jim helped me get the wood and routed the edge for me…love him!)…but it’s a me project all the way and now that it is finished I think it looks great!

…now I just need to cull more stuff!  Uggh!

Happy organizing everyone!


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