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Home Improvement – Support Beam Bummer!

Hi Friends, Today we opened up the soffit in our kitchen. But before we get to THOSE photos, here are a couple of BEFORE shots. West Wall... North Wall... South and East Walls... ...and here's the soffit opened up... I'm not sure if you can tell, but where Jim is, the soffit is actually a… Continue reading Home Improvement – Support Beam Bummer!

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Home Improvement – The Kitchen Planning Begins!

I just LOVE this above photo.  Complete chaos!  Ha!  Actually, we are moving everything out of the cabinets in this photo so it literally is a complete mess.  But I took a photo none-the-less and our cavern of blegck is here for you all to devour! Can you believe, after almost 20 years we are… Continue reading Home Improvement – The Kitchen Planning Begins!