The Nightgown Project – Part 9- Basting the Neck Band to the Yoke and Bodice…A Talkie!

Hi Again!

This installment of the Nightgown Project is a fun one!  I woke up this morning and thought…”Hey, let’s make a video!”.

Yes, I actually said that to myself.  I am soooooo not cut out for moving pictures but what the heck.  Here is me (trying my best not to laugh or to totally go blank on the subject matter) explaining what I did to get the Neck Band attached to the yoke and bodice sections!

Okay…so what did you think?  I know I said I would explain something and then totally forgot to explain it (why I wanted the seam allowance to go down as opposed to going up) and I think I didn’t have all my terminology correct but it was fun!  BTW, I wanted the seam allowance to go down so it wouldn’t show through the lace, I just thought that wouldn’t look good.  I still need to figure out how I’m going to make it STAY down though…

Anyway…even though you only saw the nightgown from the inside out, isn’t it just the sweetest thing?  I really like how it’s coming together and I’m getting excited to finish this one up!

I’ll be sitting down this evening to finish this Neck Band and then I’m ready to put the finishing touches on…just a lace trim along the hem!

A few shots of the nightgown right side out above!

More later!


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