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The Inside Arm and Deck!

Now on to the Inside Arm... I am running desperately LOW on fabric so I have to sew pieces together in places that are not too conspicuous such as the Inside Arm and the Deck areas! I hate to do it but in this case because I can't find anymore of this fabric I'm in… Continue reading The Inside Arm and Deck!

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Couch Slipcover Comes Out To Play!

Okay.  I have a confession to make. This project has sadly sat neglected for ...ahem... I can't even remember how long...let me check the calendar...or even better... let me check this here blog... June of 2011 !!!! WoW.  I guess I did have a great excuse, an ACL injury and all and it took a… Continue reading Couch Slipcover Comes Out To Play!

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Back To Square One Block Tutorial – Part 1: The Flying Geese Segments

Hi Friends! As I've been working on these 'Back to Square One' blocks I've been writing up this  tutorial and paper pattern pieces...so first things first. Here is the pattern: Back to Square One Block r1 This is a combo-pieced pattern using Paper Piecing for the Flying Geese blocks, Paper Foundation Piecing for the String… Continue reading Back To Square One Block Tutorial – Part 1: The Flying Geese Segments


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I'm testing my posting abilities from my phone.  I 'm one of the last dinosaurs to get a smart phone, so please just ignore this post for the most part.  Above is our sweet niece we were able to visit last weekend.  She'll turn 2 come August. ~More later


Testing my ‘Back to Square One’ Block again…

Here is tester block No. 2 for 'Back to Square One'.  I'm much more pleased with this version but I still had difficulty getting to be EXACTLY sqaure.  I think I was taking too much of a 'Bite' when sewing the paper piecing... I made a conscience effort to remember to make all the center… Continue reading Testing my ‘Back to Square One’ Block again…

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A Straight Grain Arrowhead Block

Today I was writing over on my shop’s blog! Check out my new pattern for the ON-GRAIN Arrowhead block! Those experienced won’t need instructions but look for a tutorial on using the new pattern in a few days!

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Hi Everyone!


Sometimes when I’m working on sewing down my scrap pile I come across an idea.  Today I wanted to see if I could make Anita Grossman’s Arrowhead block using some of my scrap strips.  If you have never tried her version of the Arrowhead block I highly recommend it.  It is fun to do and will open your eyes to a whole new way of piecing.


The block is featured in her book Rotary Cutting REVOLUTION, seen below…


It is also featured on Anita’s blog here and here!

I made this block a couple of years ago at quilt retreat and the one thing I remember was the outside edges of the block are all on the bias.  For some people this isn’t an issue but for me, as I’m known for OVER pressing, I know I’d run into trouble.

So off I am at the drawing table…

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Re-Usable Grocery Bag Pattern Testing Part 2! – Small adjustments

Hi Friends! I made a few adjustments in the paper pattern.  First, I cut it down to just half the size since it was a mirror image.  Then I lowered both the sides and the front curves... ...and added a side seam.  I thought this would work better for Fat Quarters and Half Yard Cuts. … Continue reading Re-Usable Grocery Bag Pattern Testing Part 2! – Small adjustments